These 33 Hilarious Airport Signs Got Me. They Got Me Good.

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Welcome home, losers.

Have you ever been inside an airport? One of the best things about going to the airport is watching reunions. In fact, this is a whole plot line in the movie Love Actually: narrator Hugh Grant explains to us that only LOVE is found at an airport, despite the sadness of the world around us. That's true, isn't it? And the best thing is that we all have family and friends are so, so thoughtful. They'll pick you up from the airport! But best of all, maybe, just maybe, they'll include really funny signs when they pick you up.

Oh, did you not know this is a thing? It's totally a thing. Airport signs are like the new sports signs: and only the funniest ones even have a chance of making it into our elite, hilarious slideshows. Yes, we only deliver the best content and our slideshow on hilarious airport signs is no exception. This will make you want to pick up and pack up and head to the airport right away! We bet you're even going to start volunteering to pick up your friends and family from the airport. You can even bring a sign, and steal your idea from this slideshow... psst, we won't tell.

In order to make you laugh, we found some thoroughly hilarious airport signs that have been seen all over the world. Which one is your favorite? Get Started