27 American Foods Foreigners Think Are Totally Gross

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You're horrifying the French.

America has its share of fine dining, sure, but for every Le Bernardin or French Laundry there are countless Cracker Barrels or Applebee's that will happily serve you a Sloppy Joe with a side of bloomin' onion for $14.95. And this, my friends, is why non-Americans don't exactly look to the States for the latest in haute cuisine. In fact, American staples often downright horrify people from other countries. Reddit has an entire channel dedicated to asking non-Americans what they find completely inedible that we consider everyday fare. Stuff like Cheez Whiz. Who doesn't like Cheez Whiz? Just about everyone who doesn't live in the U.S., that's who. Most non-Americans find our portions HUGE, while we head back to the buffet for thirds and make sure to get the 32-ounce soda with our bucket of popcorn at the movies. (The more you buy the better the bargain, amirite?) People from places like Europe and South America look aghast at our huge plates of fried chicken and rare hamburgers along with a side of fries and ranch dressing. Is it any surprise we have a reputation for gluttony?

Here are those and 25 other foods Americans eat that non-Americans find just nauseating. Enjoy! Get Started